Tuesday, 30 August 2011

adding to the wishlist....

So as I was perusing Twitter this morning during breakfast, I noticed a new blog post from one of my favourites - The PolishAholic - and instantly fell in love with one of the polished that was swatched - http://www.thepolishaholic.com/2011/08/jesses-girl-julieg-collection-swatches.html#more

I've never had the chance to try Jesses' Girl and probably won't - since it seems that it's only available in the US - boo! :( So I can't claim that they have a grreat formula or finish or any of the above - you'll have to get that from someone else's blog! But I did want to state that I am in love with the colour Beauty Guru - it is an awesome dusty orange - not your usual bright, crazy or Halloween orange. It seems like it would be the kind of colour that would look good on almost everyone's skin tone - which is great since a lot of colours look ghastly on my fair skin!

I wish I could post a picture here but I can't even find one on Jesses' Girl Cosmetics!

You can check out the new Julie G collection from Jesses' Girl on Julie's YouTube video and the blog post above!! And I'll have to love it from afar - sigh.


Thursday, 25 August 2011

can't get enough of The Sheepdogs...

Break from the beauty and my raging obsession over weak, peeling nails!

So I've had this song in my head for about a week... I can't seem to shake it and the truth is - I don't really want to. If you haven't heard the hype about this great Canadian band The Sheepdogs - then you're completely missing out. Their single " I Don't Know" - which I bought in iTunes btw - is very reminiscent of some of the great rock bands - Lynyrd Skynyrd and CCR - to name a two. It's a song that almost reminds me of summer days and feels like it should be on the soundtrack of Dazed and Confused. I have yet to hear the rest of the album, although my husband assures me it's amazing and that I believe if it's anything like their first single.

You may have seen these dudes on the cover of the Rolling Stone not too long ago - in fact, if it hadn't been for the cover contest I probably wouldn't have heard of these guys. It goes to show you that real rock and roll isn't dead, it's just hiding behind all the shiny, plastic pop music out there that people tell you to listen to - you just need to really look for it. I hope this is the beginning of a new trend in music - I'm tired of hearing Nickelback on the radio - find new bands with actual talent and soul - please!!!!!!

Anyways - my two cents are done - check out The Sheepdogs and keep on rockin' in the free world ( lame - I know, I just couldn't resist! ) If you like classic rock - you'll love these guys!


day ten of my Barielle Healthy Natural Nails experiment...

So I've been religiously following the routine laid out for me by the kind folks at Barielle, as I've noted in my first blog post. And I've hit a few snags - surprise, surprise! Yesterday afternoon I found that my right thumb and index finger had started to peel again - it never ends!!! So I removed the polish coats and reapplied them - you might be able to tell in the picture.

Day Three

Day Ten

Day Three

Day Ten
So I think you can tell (even from the after photos that I can't seem to get rotated!) that there has been some nail growth over the ten days - and they do feel quite a bit stronger, however I'm not sure if that is the layers upon layers of polish or the nail itself - I guess only time will tell. I can say that besides my right index and thumb, the rest of my nails have stopped peeling - for the time. I'm going to take a guess and say that the peeling of the two nails has something to do with using them the most for picking at things, opening cans, etc.

I wouldn't say this is a miracle cure or anything, but it definitely did improve the strength and peeling. I would love to continue with this ritual, however I just got my Harmony Gelish package in the mail today and I'm dying to try out gel polish to see what all the fuss is about!! I'm make sure my next post is all about that experience!


Monday, 22 August 2011

jungle love and the horrible humidity it brings with it...

I have a new favourite products folks - this will be a quickie - but I just had to share with everyone!

Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray (whew - long name!!) can be found at Sephora - http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P263504&categoryId=C10461 - I'm pretty sure I paid close to $40 for this in store (of course prices in Canada are outrageous) - but I have to admit that it has saved my make-up numerous times from melting off my face in the crazy humidity we've been having this summer.

I bought the 4 oz. bottle and even though I've used it plenty of times this summer, I still feel like there is about 90% of the bottle left - fabulous! My skin is naturally oily and sensitive, so I needed something that wouldn't make me shiny or make me break out (more than usual) - I did my homework and read reviews until I was seeing double and decided to take the plunge and buy this. Soo happy I did! It's gotten me through numerous weddings, bbq's and just going to work on the odd humid day. I think it's safe to say that I've worn my make-up for 12 hours and not a single smudge, run or cake - they claim that it will take you 16 hours, but thankfully I haven't needed that yet! And all you need is four or five sprays to the face after your make-up is on and you're good to go - how awesome is that.

Overall, I just wanted to share my new favourite make-up saving product - it may be on the expensive side, but in my opinion - totally worth it!


Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The infinite sadness of weak, peeling nails...

I've always been so envious of these girls out there who have amazing looking, strong, seemingly perfect nails - I have not been blessed with such. Therefore, I am constantly trying to find the holy grail (HG) to help my nails become what they are not. I've read countless reviews and blogs about this issue that apparently I don't suffer from alone and decided to try one program, which of course - isn't sold in stores in Canada.

Barielle (http://www.barielle.com/) sells a kit that includes:
  • Nail Strengthener Cream
  • Intensive Nail Renewal Oil
  • Nail Rebuilding Protein
  • Clearly Noticeable Nail Thickener

I've heard that the Natural Healthy Nail Kit retails for around $35 in the US (http://www.fortune3.com/barielle/Kits-Natural_Healthy_Nails.html)  and I figured I'd have to buy it online and pay a ridiculous shipping fee, but while I was browsing Winners I stumbled upon the kit for $14 - needless to say I was pretty excited about that find!


Base Coat: Nail Rebuilding Protein - Always apply to clean, dry nails. Apply every other day to your nails creating a layered effect. Remove at the end of the week with acetone free nail polish remover.
Top Coat: Clearly Noticeable Nail Thickener - Always apply to clean, dry nails. Use over base coat every other day. Remove at the end of the week with acetone free nail polish remover.
Use Daily: Nail Strengthener Cream - Massage over nails and cuticles daily. For nails especially damaged by wraps or acrylics, use at least 2-4 times daily. Allow 4-6 weeks for noticeable improvement. Then use twice daily to maintain beautiful, healthy nails. For Best Results: Allow cream to penetrate the nails and cuticles overnight. May be used over lacquer or polish.
Use Daily: Intensive Nail Renewal Oil - Apply liberally to your nails and cuticles nightly or as necessary. For Best Results: Rub into cuticles and nails. Use at bedtime and allow oil to penetrate nails and cuticles overnight. Use in conjunction with nail cream. May be used over lacquer or polish

Anyways - I started the "program" on Monday, so I guess I'm on day three - I realized that I should have taken a photo of my nails before I chopped them all down to the wood so you could see the peeling and breaking, but I've taken a "day three" photo of both hands and will continue to update as much as often. Pardon my ugly nails - they feel so naked without polish on them - but at least I have my toes to still make pretty!

I have been diligent about following the company's instructions and have actually used the Intensive Nail Renewal Oil more than twice a day since I like it so much. And since I'm on day three, I'll be polishing the base coat and top coat again tonight. And so far, I have to say that I like the clear coats because they haven't peeled or chipped off like most "strengtheners" or protein polishes that I have tried in the past.

So wish me luck on this Barielle journey and I'll keep all of you weak nailed ladies posted! :)